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My Story

Thank you so much, for dropping by my colourful lil' site.... I am Madelyne and I have been making vibrant visual art for my entire life...   I specialise in making bold statement pieces which include canvases ,prints,posters, painted furniture, backdrops, murals and clothing items - depending what mood I am in! I truly believe that Art is linked to Our life force , and is a valuable medicine and answer to many questions.

As a self taught Artist I have very little influence from famous artists, although I am a fan of Klimt , Schiele, Vaughn Bode,Hunderwasser and Gaudi , I prefer the art from psychedelic album covers, comics or photography.

My main inspiration comes from music , nature ,travel, humour,meditation,  the people I love, dreams , emotions or love.

Having been through a lot of turmoil in my life , in relation to grief, loss, change and dis-ease, I have found my work to be one of the things which anchors me to my version of reality.

Here's hoping that there is something here which captures the imagination , energises the soul and brings one a sense of mystery , magic or excitement.

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Self taught artist, designer ,performer, vocalist and therapist

Madelyne , is from the south west of England .

She specialises in vibrant , memorable and dynamic creative work.

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