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Would you love to experience  and embody

more energy, peace ,bliss and relaxation?


Do you just know you have deep, creative inner resources but have no idea how to access?

Are you yearning for outrageous radiance ,

magical minxiness and , amazing aliveness ?!!

well then .....



My own long and complex healing journey has brought me to discover many aspects of healing and transformation which I would be honoured to share with you. I now see my life's challenges as gifts for growth and learning. Working in person or over video call, & also with groups,

I utilise energy healing , reiki, channelling, coaching ,trauma awareness, intuitive listening , tuning forks and womb wisdom .

My special areas of personal experience and interest  include-


**Sensitivity and empathy 

**Recovery  from trauma

**Creativity and inspiration**

**Parenting & Lone Parenting

**Grief , anxiety and depression 

**Energy healing     


**Self esteem and self worth

**Sexuality and sensuality        **Communication

**ROOT CHAKRA WORK -ie Survival/resources /lack of support/abandonment/financial struggle /home 


MORE about me -

Training and Qualifications :

I am mixed race Indian and English and have studied comparative religions for my whole life including Christianity,  Celtic ,Buddhism, paganism, meditation , Islam ,A Level Religious Studies, specialising in Hinduism and Philosophy 

and holistic therapies since 1999 - over 24 years experience!

*Certificate of Womb Healing with Tuning Forks June 2019 Glastonbury & Womb Massage Training Sept 2020 with Sanctuary of Sophia , Glastonbury.

CPD womb study , clay packing and steaming  2021

*Reiki 1  , Angel Reiki Centre London 1999

Reiki 2 Emma Brown Brighton 2000

Reiki Masters Slovakia 2013
Reiki 1 retrained 2019 with Ottavia Mazzoni , Bath.

Faery Reiki (Athena) Atunement 2023 Bristol.

Many other Reiki atunements.

*Adept Level healing with Josephine Penny  ,Rocky Mountain Mystery School 2007. Funded by The Princes Trust.

*Sacred Geometry Training with Sophia Taylor  Modern Mystery School 2014/15.

*Training with Peter Aziz - Rune Healing and basic muscle testing. 2018, Devon.

Much other experimental and experiential study with Peter Aziz incl study of  basic Haitian ,Runic, egyptian, vedic and other native teachings.

I am atuned to Egyptian goddess Bast.

*Plant Spirit Medicine Workshops with Dan and Rougan Collins , and Stephen Watts ,attended at Coed Hills.

*Ear Acupuncture Level 1 & 2, 2009

with Sammy Terry,  Chu Len College, Wells, Somerset.

*Life Coaching Introduction , Bristol. 2013

Parenting Course with Roma Norriss 2022

Chakra Healing Courses with Joy Wisdom Allonus 2023

Merkaba activation with Hira Hosen 2017

My personal self development and self healing has included many years investing in ongoing counselling and psychotherapy, functional medicine treatments, using herbal medicines and NHS options such as Pain Clinic. I am very keen on kinesiology , , energy healing , massage and acupuncture too.

**Other relevant areas of interest and study include herbalism, nutrition, shamanic       journeying, counselling, yoga, art therapy, plant spirit medicine. I am fully committed to my own self healing and attend regular long term  therapy for myself. I have been through  countless bereavements since my early childhood and have arranged a funeral and been present at a birth. I have survived complex trauma including surgical trauma, harassment , abuse and homelessness.We are warriors, and now I am here to help you.

My beautiful son was born in 2008 as a natural breech birth, and I have been a single parent to him throughout his life and have gained a huge amount of insight into childhood and child development

The rest of this website should attest to my success as a Creative person....




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Self taught artist, designer ,performer, vocalist and therapist

Madelyne , is from the south west of England .

She specialises in vibrant , memorable and dynamic creative work.

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