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Would you love to experience  and embody

more energy, peace ,bliss and relaxation?


Do you just know you have deep, creative inner resources but have no idea how to access?

Are you yearning for outrageous radiance ,

magical minxiness and , amazing aliveness ?!!

well then .....

Juicy_... painted by Rach

I would love to help you!!!



My own long and complex healing journey has brought me to discover many aspects of healing and transformation which I would be honoured to share with you. I now see my life's challenges as gifts for growth and learning. Working in person or over video call, & also with groups, I utilise energy healing ,tuning forks and womb wisdom .

My special areas of personal experience and interest  include-

OUR MAGICAL WOMB !**Sensitivity and empathy  **Recovery  from trauma

**Creativity and inspiration** **Parenting & Lone Parenting

Grief , anxiety and depression       **Energy healing        **Meditation **

Self esteem and self worth **Sexuality and sensuality        **Communication

**ROOT CHAKRA WORK -ie Survival/resources/financial struggle /home**

MORE about me -

Training and Qualifications-since 1999 over 22 years experience!

*Certificate of Womb Healing with Tuning Forks June 2019 Glastonbury & Womb Massage Training Sept 2020 with Sanctuary of Sophia , Glastonbury.

*Reiki 1 , 2 & 3 , Angel Reiki Centre London 1999  
retrained 2019 with Ottavia .

*Adept Level healing with Rocky Mountain Mystery School 2007
*Sacred Geometry Training with Modern Mystery School 2014/15.

*Training with Peter Aziz - Rune Healing and basic muscle testing. 2018, Devon.

*Plant Spirit Medicine Workshops attended at Coed Hills.

*Ear Acupuncture Level 1 & 2, Glastonbury 2009

with Chu Len College.
*Life Coaching Introduction , Bristol. 2013

**Other relevant areas of interest and study include herbalism, nutrition, shamanic journeying, counselling, plant spirit medicine.

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