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Delinquent Lullaby - Madelyne 8

Delinquent Lullaby - Madelyne 8

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   Madelyne   is a sensual , thought provoking , intelligent and unique wordsmith
she delights in sharing stories and deep feelings in the form of rap.
 "Since I was young I always loved hiphop as it had this cartoonish quality as well as

street-level humour and profound wisdom. I somehow knew I had a huge connection with it. One day I decided to transform and refocus my poetry into rap, and never looked back. When I rap I feel connected to the universe  & to something deeply personal, yet accessible through the heart and voice.
Honestly I feel lit up and alive, and can see that other creative people get the 
same buzz from whatever their thing is! My dream is to bring more femininity, humour and compassion to the genre."
I enjoy the music of Eminem, De La Soul, Wu Tang , the anticon label, Chester P , Capital Steez , Salt n Pepa and a lot of other underground artists

"Rap came to me at a raw time , when I lost someone special , and it has permanently stayed with me ,for all of my life since then. I do  believe that music is one of the things that can save us.
When I am part of a  freestyle cypher, or wordplay rap-game training, collaborative song  writing or just doodling in sketchbooks listening to some great rhymes, I feel at peace!
 I would love to perform alongside some of my heroes! I am dedicated and committed to crafting and   broadcasting beautiful and inspiring  lyrics full of magic , social commentary and adventure. My absolute passion is to encourage clear and dynamic forms of communication !



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Self taught artist, designer ,performer, vocalist and therapist

Madelyne , is from the south west of England .

She specialises in vibrant , memorable and dynamic creative work.

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