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Round our way
They lurk in doorways
Catch a couture newspaper bed place
And just like
any morning
in any weird town
what kind of world holds its people
upside down?
Did you watch the hundred kids tv shows?
Even in the shop couldn't stop his beard grow
And how many rodents , could fit in this lift?
So what if you wanted to paint your own lips ?

I dream of shoes that don't fit
and mouths that don't spit and roads with no grit
And great grated cheddar did you ever try-
Spin dried mince pie at high tide
How I cried,
How I cried.

Don't come back !
I said to the Boomerang
Don't come back!
I said to the Boomerang,
Learn to let Go,
I said to the Fisherman
Tug of war Team,
I'm feeling obscene,
I fell in the stream,

And will the audience know what I mean ?

In the BackStreets,
I hear
A heartbeat
inside me
When night falls
I crawl
Out of the Underground Library.

in the sleepy , leafy suburbs
I live inside a cupboard,
I secret silent lover under
Simple Simon Cover.

See, we're ,
Sleeping under the same sky
And I wonderwhy
The thundercries
Underskies of Summersighs
I wonder, why I wonder why?

And it's long gone , headstrong , swing gong gondola
Good to know ya, take it slower,
Take an hour , in the shower,
Sit and sniff among the flowers......

And you will never be devoured
You will never be devoured
You will never be devoured
You will never be


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Self taught artist, designer ,performer, vocalist and therapist

Madelyne , is from the south west of England .

She specialises in vibrant , memorable and dynamic creative work.

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