The Secs- Kissing with Wolves Album

The Secs... Female fronted , guitar driven ,grunge pop

from the West of England. If you love the Breeders ,

Nirvana, or some of those sexy lil riott grrl punk bands,

with some sassy melodies and lushous lyrics thrown in, then 

this may well be up your dingey little alley way!

The Secs - MUSIC

Rach Brue Ave

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With influences including The Beatles,The Bangles,  Pete Doherty ,Tori Amos , Nirvana , Hole , Soundgarden and , as well as poets like E.E Cummings, The Secs are a fun, creative and magical band currently seeking new members. Featuring grunge , pop , rock vocals by Rachel Madeline, the emotional , dreamlike and dynamic lyrics are intertwined with rough , raw garage style guitar riffs and loop pedals. Best seen live , and well known for their 'grunge comedy' style ,could this be your new favourite band?