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So yeah you have a nice body,

And all the boys want you....

But where's the love baby?

Do any girls like you?

Oh yeah your

long hair , fake hair , fake nails , body girl

Lip line , lip shine ,

cheek stain , cheap wine.

So yeah you have a nice body...

And all the guys like you....

But where's the love sweetheart?

Do any girls want you?

Chewing gum , big bum,

Lip pump , line sniff.

Bottle girl , spray away

Thousand pounds to look that way!

Oh no your

eyeline , white wine

housewife , half life

Ten inch heels , one inch brain

Black pants , white lies

Painted on , dead inside.

Each peach pear plum

Waiting for your life to arrive.

Come and get some

My name is dum dum.

Come and get some

My name is dum dum.

Pout play , shout sway

make sure he pays,

Rum punch role play,

Pink hips- whole way.

Don't think , don't say.

Won't go , cant stay.

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Self taught artist, designer ,performer, vocalist and therapist

Madelyne , is from the south west of England .

She specialises in vibrant , memorable and dynamic creative work.

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