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Me and Dave, yeah we walked thru the maze, by the caverns and curls and the caves I was amazed - set astray, we wandered thru the night and the day,

set alight as we waved at the gulls on their way, CHORUS ----yes we did pass go , we did collect two hundred pounds we did walk , we did run , set our weapons on the ground.----- Yeah me and Pete ,set our feet on the street ,

wove a walk as we talked ,

left and right all the night. the people they are speaking ,holding hands in the cathedral-

he told me all the silent secrets underneath the steeple. mmmmmm mmmm Roll out the red carpet , for yourself ,

become a remarkable artist of paint, paper, stealth.

Taking apart this labyrinth of catharsis, with freeview glasses , relieve you of your masks, yes. mmmm What's all this nastyness?

I 'um' n 'ah' at this ,

you know now Narcissus and your cathartic cuts , he cut his arm enough , cos there was harm to love ,I do disarm you bruv, I boil a balmy blush, we're arm -in- arm ,me love, phenomenom to shove , he put his palm to touch , if this goes on enough , we'll be synonymous, if this goes on me love ,if this goes on enough , if this goes on. me and Rex made a bet ,

yeah we danced right and left ,

muttered 'all hands on deck' ,

soaked the rags in rugged red

All alive ,

all aligned,

once again here we dive,

brother sister coming at ya ,

with a stunning silver mist. mmmm--- CHORUS ---mmmmm You takin' part in this , or are U smart but pissed ?

Still breaking hearts with hits?

Are you an Artful Diss,

preoccupied with lists,

do not deny the drips that heaven sends you ,

lick them from your palms and twist them up your arms, and whisk them double time.

You wish that you could rhyme ,like Madeline Sublime ?

You wish that you were mine ,from dusk until sunrise from drowning til high tide?

Catastrophes collide ,

I'm clowning with ya eyes,

I'm thinking to you live ,

apostrophes abide ,

I'm linking to your mind,

delinquent lullaby ,

be late but still on time,

these bars they dance in lines,

these bars be calling 'time'...... An anarchistic kiss , these lips they slide and slip

I'm ever gliding glyphs , I'm memorising myths.

What kinda time you call this?

I'm ever riding riffs , can only rise thru rips,

and never lie just lift,

apologise real quick ,

and suck a snidey spliff ,

a double sided diss, or polystyrene riff

to wrap around the gift ,to wrap around the gift,

to wrap around the gift , to wrap around

........chorus ......mmmmmm


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Self taught artist, designer ,performer, vocalist and therapist

Madelyne , is from the south west of England .

She specialises in vibrant , memorable and dynamic creative work.

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