So we packed our bags up , peanut butter , jam and stuff,

and wandered thru the valley past the park and we found us

navigating nicely by the lines on our hands yep

having lately twice been taken to other lands-

bet you didnt think of us, while you waited on the fence,

you can live your dreams aloud ,

you can choose your own adventure!

WE are the beasts that flew from here to you, to see the view,

the sand slips thru my hands into my fingers,

we are the ones that held the ball you hauled, we lead you thru,

the hoarse bites words and shakes away his blinkers.

and small pets fold themselves away and slip to sleep ,

no oceans sold , no forfeits told , we get to keep

Control of cribs where anger's children slumber.

We fold up creeps and crumble them to crumbs.

Another moon sheds his salty glare against his watcher

an oceans child , his watchful eye has captured

a time when kings would shake and sniff behind the curtain

and hoped and wished ,and screamed their mind was hurting.

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