White Leopard

In all the mediocrity of throwaway poetry

Gazing in the galaxy ,

I give the gift you give to me

And ev'ryone says "haven't we

Heard this somewhere before"?

A knock at the door ,

Then three and then four

A crackling claw,

A prickling paw.

Pour salt on the wound

A taste of lead on the spoon, I been bribing the groom

Weaving weft on the loom.

So , warp me a window

To wish me a room ,

These aching walls come crashing down ,

Anytime soon.

Deal me a dictionary ,

Drowning in prose-

Or a rhyming dictionary that you learnt by rote.

A white leopard came scratching at the door.

A silver claw , clipboard in hand,

And beckoning a cup for tea.

How could a band of thieves conspire to conceal