Divine is a cat

Divine is a cat with her eyes closed

leaves in the sea , cos I said so!

How can you leave and stay still tho?

I said 'Go!' as the wind blows-

to the canyon below that holds all that you know,

that you Know you know,

could'a told you this before, I suppose

but I had to go.

So here I am stepping uneven,

try once , try twice, for feeling-

colourful , childish secrets

pinch me to see if I'm dreaming.

Summoned, unbuttoned, half decent,

the sum of all parts or pieces,

of whatever's washed up the next evening,

if I wash up I might steal your teaspoons!

But if you were born with that in ya mouth -

may I suggest you spit it out?

oh if you were born with Saturn at South,

them rings you spin you ought to shout!

Ripe as a rhyme or reason,

a pickled pipette of treason.

Christ on a bike, I'm leaving

I'm making my mov