Person Among the Pines.

I stood in the dark.

The only person among the pines.

Spiked spine -

Staring straight against the North sky.

Coarse eyes , caught cries ,

Of leaves leaving home for the first time,

And hitching a ride with the wind.

Triplets and twins map a journey

That churned me,

My heart flew with them ,

My heart flew with them , and I heard me .

A silent soliloquy .

It cut so deep I saw the capillaries.

Calling me ,

The tallest tree screams ,

As the lightening strikes him.

Reams and reams

Of axes biting.

His limbs splinter

His last winter.

I saw his eagle exit,

the clouds collect it........

I remained in the dark,

The only person among the pines,

A strangeness of heart that only alone reminds,

To own the mind

Mounds of moss covered rocks to climb.