Delinquent Lullaby

Me and Dave , yeah we walked thru the maze.

By the caverns and the curls and the caves I was amazed.

Set astray , we wandered thru the night and the day.

Set alight as we waved at the gulls on their way .

Oh yes we did pass go

we did collect 200 pounds

we did walk we did run

set our weapons on the ground

Me and pete set our feet on the street

wove a walk as we talked Left and right all the night

The people they are speaking

holding hands in the cathedal

He told me all his silent secrets underneath the steeple

mmm mmm mmm mmm

Roll out the reed carpet

for yourself

become a remarkable artist

of paint paper stealth

taking apart this

labyrinth of catharsis

through freeview glasses

relieve you of your masks yes

Um all this nastyness ?

I um and ah at this...