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Not asleep , nor awake.

I invoke the sky trigger , wriggle on a high rigger

Glitter , graf , grime , giggle , little café crime signal:

I wake up to hear the sound of the sky,

Clouds purring round my head , a blue light.

Awaken to see the sight of the day

Twisting its curls in a world held at bay.

How many trolls in the misty mines muttering?

See the drip !drip! of the candlewax guttering.

Rats and mice, live , in the spice rack rattling,

Sister clicks click in a rapid , racking smattering.

Catch a quick flick of a falcon flight

Faltering and final, fervourous and slight.

Scratching at the cliff in a new born bite

Sultry sweet ,street sister,

Soft and hard creep twister-

Little lost soul speaker,

Rock n roll dole dodger!

Sometimes he likes to be alone-

Sucking the lungs of a leaf on a throne:

Sometimes she likes to be alone,

Pressing on a paper, on a pen, on a poem.

Sniff the sheet, shout ,snigger!

Stickleback trout tremor?

Bric a brac -break blender?

Bring and buy tape lender.

Sit and spy, sky scraper,

Little eye mind maker,

Melting my mouth vapour,

Kiss a crowd more later.

Sometimes he likes to be alone -

Watching the sky in a land of his own,

Sometimes she likes to be alone,

Tasting the tide in a rhyme she calls home.


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Self taught artist, designer ,performer, vocalist and therapist

Madelyne , is from the south west of England .

She specialises in vibrant , memorable and dynamic creative work.

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